Our Garden

East Brunswick Kindergarten and Childcare Centre has always maintained a playful landscape that embraces the natural environment.  Our educators, children and families adore the large outdoor space at our centre which provides a creative, inspirational and imaginative haven unique within inner city Melbourne.

We aim to create and maintain an irresistible and educational outdoor playspace for children of all abilities aged between 3 and 6 years old.  

Playspace Planning 

Pobblebonk Room Delivery and Construction

In 2012 a new building was added to our Centre to accommodate growing numbers of pre-school children in Moreland.  This presented an opportunity to redevelop our playspace to ensure children and educators continued to have a manageable and stimulating outdoors learning environment.

To make the most efficient use of remaining outdoor space and resources, local experts Jeavons Landscape Architects were engaged to create a master plan to guide us in creating our playspace.  From conception to creation the project reiterates our philosophy - valuing the links between family, the early learning environment and the wider community.

With invaluable knowledge shared by Mary Jeavons and Anne Fowler, input from educators, our Committee of Management, parents and children, our outdoor space evolves and remains a wonderful team effort. 

Our plan makes certain that children have plants in their environment and that they will be educated in an urban oasis that is beautiful, intriguing and inspiring.

We have been very lucky to receive grants from the Telstra Kids Foundation, Coles Junior Landcare and the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank to bring our garden and playspace areas to life.  Many thanks to all of these supporters.