Committee of Management

The Committee of Management is comprised of parents/guardians of enrolled children or those with a recent association with the Centre.  This voluntary Committee meets monthly and is responsible for the running of the Centre, making decisions on staffing, finance, maintaining the grounds and fulfilling all legal and regulatory responsibilities to ensure the Centre remains a high quality accredited and licensed facility.

Each year at the Annual General Meeting (typically held in March), vacant positions are available for nomination/election.  No specific skills are needed to join the committee, just a positive attitude and a commitment to the goals and philosophy of the Centre. Committee members contribute any useful work and life skills they have to the degree they are able and often find themselves learning useful new skills.

Joining the Committee is a great way to make connections in the community and make a contribution to your child’s early education - and it's fun!

Roles and Responsibilities

President – runs the monthly meetings, guides decision making and task allocation, liaises with external bodies such as Council, is a member of the Staffing sub-committee.

Vice President - supports the President and other office holders, participates in various sub-committees as required.

Treasurer – liaises with EBK's book-keeper, prepares annual budget in collaboration with staff and bookkeeper, presents monthly finance reports for Committee meetings.

Secretary – prepares monthly Committee agenda, records and distributes meeting minutes, records all correspondence.  Under new rules from Consumer Affairs Victoria, the Secretary is also the nominated contact person (previously Public Officer) for CAV, responsible for providing details of committee members and lodging the Annual Report with CAV.

Social Coordinator/s – coordinates the welcome picnic, mid year gathering, Children’s Week activity and end of year gathering. Sources and prices entertainment for the above events, also promotes them and organises catering where necessary.

Maintenance Coordinator/s – coordinates regular working bees and any maintenance not managed by Moreland Council.

General Member – participates in Committee meetings and sub-committees, contributes to decision making and contributes as able.


Standing Sub-Committees

Policy, Evaluation & Accreditation – reviews and updates relevant documents, eg. Policy and Procedures and Constitution.

Staffing – assists EBK's team leaders with staff management, staff recruitment, contracts and staff issues and concerns that may arise.

Buildings and Maintenance - liaises with Moreland Council (our landlord) over maintenance requirements throughout the year, organise regular working bees for parents to participate in, and works with Childcare and Kindergarten Directors to ensure all facilities are kept well maintained.

Ad hoc Sub-Committees are also established as required to undertake specific projects (such as an IT Sub-Committee to oversee a review of IT needs, and the New Building Sub-Committee that was formed to work with Council in the planning and delivery of our new classroom in 2011-2012).


Join Us

All parent/s and guardians are welcome to join the Management Committee.  For more details about how to join please contact us.